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Celia Gomedela Jolley and David Styles Jolley Scholarship in Education

The following biography was written by Celia and David Jolley when they established this scholarship:

This scholarship is presented in honor of Dorcas Sigmon Gomedela and Edward James Gomedela and Thomas Edward Jolley, Sr and Frances Styles Jolley, our parents, as well as in honor of us as donors. Both Dorcas and Edward were career educators in North Carolina for more than 30 years. Dorcas was a secondary math teacher and Edward was a teacher of history, a coach, and an elementary school principal. Tom and Frances Jolley did not have college degrees, but both of them took courses in higher education after high school and worked in businesses in North Carolina. We owe all that we have achieved in life to the educational opportunities made available to us through the hard work, encouragement, and financial resources provided by our parents. Most people throughout their lives give back to future generations by educating their own children. Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to do this. We both know that our successes and achievements were a direct result of the education that we have received. We also know many times circumstances can deny many talented young people the wonderful experiences that we have had. Therefore, it is with immense pleasure and gratitude for our own good fortune that we share with young people that have been identified as deserving the opportunity to obtain a degree in higher education.