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Carrie Perkins Davis/Katherine Davis Smith Scholarship in Education

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Carrie Perkins Davis, Class of 1914, was the first in three generations of strong, independent women to attend the State Normal and Industrial College (now UNCG), the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina (now UNCG), and UNC Greensboro. A woman with a passion for education, community justice, and a big heart, Carrie grew up in Goldsboro, and upon her marriage, moved to Pikeville, NC to raise a family of eight children. She believed every child thrived when their bodies and minds were properly nourished. She made sure all children in her community, including her own eight, had equal access to books and food. After helping to establish a school “lunchroom” in Pikeville serving the poor and rural children, Carrie arranged a parking place for the county bookmobile in her own front yard so local children and residents could experience the wonder of reading.

Her daughter, Katherine Davis Smith, Class of 1944, carried on the tradition of education and community service. Katherine taught school, kindergarten through twelfth grade, for 35 years. After retirement, she continued to substitute, tutor, and volunteer in the local schools and the O’Berry Center for the Developmentally Disabled. Katherine was also instrumental in helping to establish the N.C. Cotton Museum/Northern Wayne Heritage Museum on the grounds of Pikeville School.

Carrie’s other three daughters, Elizabeth Davis Crumpler (1938), Hilda Davis Jennings (1956), and Carrie Davis Ponder (1958), went on to graduate from the Woman’s College. Her granddaughter, Jennifer Smith Hooks graduated from UNCG in 1976.

The establishment of The Carrie Perkins Davis/Katherine Davis Smith Scholarship in Education will strengthen and support the foundation of educational access started by Carrie Perkins Davis three generation ago for generations of educators to come.

Carrie Perkins Davis and Katherine Davis Smith have both passed away.