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Carolyn Willis Cunningham HES Scholarship Fund

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Carolyn Cunningham graduated from Woman’s College (now UNCG) in 1941 with a bachelor’s degree in institutional management and then held an internship in hospital dietetics at the University of Michigan Hospital. Mrs. Cunningham was successful in “moving up the ladder” from a ward dietitian to head of the dietary department at Baptist Hospital by 1949. She chaired the food service committee at Springmoor Total Life Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, and she continued to be on the roster of American Dietetic Association.

Mrs. Cunningham felt grateful that she attended WC when it was a girl’s school, adding that, “We could concentrate on our studies, and we had the opportunity to develop women’s skills and strengths in ways that would not have be easy with young men on campus.” Mrs. Cunningham’s son stated that his mother received an amazing gift from her mother, which was being able to connect with people of all ages. She remained active and involved with her friends, who have greatly benefited from their experience at the University, and wished to share their successes with deserving students.

Carolyn Cunningham passed away in July 2014.