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Barbara Reynolds Todd Scholarship

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Barbara’s educational journey began when she started school in the first grade. She loved attending school and learning about the world around her. As she grew up and moved from grade to grade, Barbara always planned to be a teacher of the grade that she just completed. When she was in high school, she took all the advanced courses that the school offered, played in the school band throughout high school, and accompanied the school chorus for two years. Barbara also took some business courses and realized those courses offered basic information about how to live and manage one’s finances. She could never decide on a major while she was in high school and decided at the end of her high school years to major in something she never took there.

Barbara went to UNCG and majored in home economics education. Shortly after she graduated, she started graduate school to earn a master’s degree in home economics education and started teaching in Wilkes County. She started a new program that was offered at the Career Center and gave high school students experience in working with preschool children in daycare centers and young children in elementary schools. The program is currently called early childhood education in the high school curriculum. Students who completed this high school program often went to college and became either daycare teachers or public school teachers. After several years of teaching, Barbara returned to school and received her 6th year certificate and a doctorate. As part of her doctoral program, Barbara took administrative courses in education because she wanted to be a principal in an elementary school. After completing her doctorate, Barbara served as an assistant principal at CC Wright, which was a k-6 school, and then became the principal of Traphill, which was a pre-k through 8th grade school, in Wilkes County.

After working in Wilkes County for approximately 20 years, Barbara began working in Yadkin County as the assistant superintendent in charge of school food service and career and technical education. After a couple of years in that role, she was assigned the high school curriculum. At the end of four years, she became the superintendent of the Yadkin County School System and remained in that role for nine years, retiring on August 1, 2007. Barbara taught as an adjunct professor at Appalachian State University for a semester while serving as superintendent. After staying out of work for a year – except to tutor some children at a local elementary school – Barbara returned to work part-time as a clinical professor at App State University in the Educational Leadership Department of the School of Education. She worked there for three years and then became an adjunct professor for Gardner-Webb University in the Masters of Educational Leadership Department in the School of Education. She continues to work for Gardner-Webb University in both curriculum and instructional and educational leadership.

Barbara believes that education is the key to success and to dealing with change in an ever-changing world. Education opens doors to new worlds and encourages people to move beyond their comfort zone. Of all the positions that Barbara held, being a principal in a pre-k through 8th grade school was most enjoyable. Seeing the difference she could make in children’s lives in one year by working with the faculty on improving teaching skills was so evident. Barbara’s role as principal brought a lot of personal satisfaction, and even on the difficult days, she could walk into the kindergarten classroom and receive a hug from one of the children, which made her feel better before leaving the classroom.