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Augustine LaRochelle Scholarship in Spanish Language Study

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Augustine M. LaRochelle was born in Victoriaville, Quebec. Miss LaRochelle received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont and her master’s degree from Columbia University. She also received a diploma from Centro de Estudios Historicos in Madrid, Spain.

She began her teaching career as a Latin and Spanish teacher at the high school level in Donora, Pennsylvania, where she worked from 1918-1922. Then she joined the faculty at Woman’s College as an associate professor of Spanish in 1922. In 1949, she was promoted to full professor. She continued teaching in the Department of Romance Languages at what is now UNCG until her retirement in 1958.

She was a member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish, the Modern Language Association, the South Atlantic Language Association, and the North Carolina Education Association. She also was a member of the American Association of University Women and the National Education Association. She was a charter member of the Euterpe Club’s Alpha XI Delta and an honorary member of Sigma Delta Pi. She was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

She attended summer school sessions at Middlebury College in 1922, the University of Mexico in 1924, Stanford University in 1926, Harvard University in 1938, the University of Chicago in 1939, the University of Puerto Rico in 1940, Duke University in 1945, Western Reserve University in 1946, the University of Wisconsin in 1946, and the University of San Carlo in Guatemala in 1949.

In appreciation for what UNCG and the state of North Carolina meant to her, she started a scholarship in 1961 for UNCG students who are studying Spanish.

Augustine LaRochelle passed away in 1985, at the age of 93.