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Antoinette Loetsch Mock, Marianne Mock Dallas, and Louise Loetsch Birch Scholarship in Music

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Antoinette Mock ’24 grew up in Washington, D.C. She and her older sister, Louise (Class of 1921), attended UNCG: The school was called the State Normal and Industrial College School when Louise arrived, and the North Carolina College for Women when Antoinette followed three years later. Both sisters were attracted to the college because it offered the opportunity to study music within the context of a broader liberal arts environment. Antoinette later said that she had wanted to associate with all kinds of students during her college life, not just musicians, and that this would not have been possible at a school such as the New England Conservatory of Music. So she selected UNCG. She passed her love of music along to her daughters. Her first, Carolyn Mock Pruyne, began playing the cello at nine years of age. She studied music at Stephens College for two years before minoring in music at Northwestern. Antoinette’s second daughter, Marianne, followed her to UNCG, where she majored in music.

Antoinette applied credits she had earned in high school toward her degree. Consequently, she enrolled as a sophomore and graduated when she was 20, giving her senior piano recital on May 7, 1924. She returned to Washington to teach music in public schools. She met her husband-to-be, Harold Adam Mock, shortly thereafter. They were engaged in 1927, married in 1928, and settled first in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Mr. Mock’s hometown, before moving to Wellesley, Massachusetts in 1936. Antoinette made her home in Wellesley ever since. She taught piano in her home at Jamaica Plain and Wellesley until the birth of her second daughter in 1938. She directed the children’s choir at Wellesley Village Church in the 1950s and 1960s.

In making this gift, Antoinette Mock is motivated in large part by a desire to memorialize her daughter and sister. Marianne Mock Dallas attended college briefly in Wisconsin before transferring to Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina (now UNCG). She was a gifted pianist who took advantage of her time to develop expertise on the organ as well. She gave her senior recital on the organ on May 21, 1960, a week before her graduation. After returning to Massachusetts, Marianne became involved in the musical life of the area in a variety of ways. She was an organist at the Chinese Christian Church in Boston’s Chinatown in the early 1960s and was a substitute organist and choir director at a number of Boston churches. From 1963-1966, she worked as a music therapist and volunteer at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts and served as the hospital’s organist for 20 years. She was the director of the Wellesley Branch of the New England Conservatory of Music from 1966-1968. Marianne also taught music at St. James Academy in Monkton, Maryland and at the Vacation Church School at the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church after moving back to Wellesley. Her life was tragically cut short by cancer in 1981. She had one daughter (born in 1971) and one son (born in 1975).

Like her sister, Louise Loetsch Birch graduated in 1921, after only three years of college. She also concentrated on the keyboard instruments and gave her senior recital on the piano on May 9, 1921. She taught piano and music at the Friend’s School in Washington, D.C. She was married briefly to Henry Foust, son of Dr. Julius Foust, by whom she had one son. William Henry Foust died in June of 1991, 10 years after his cousin, Marianne. She later remarried to Alvin Lloyd Birch. Louise Birch died in September 1962.

Antoinette Mock passed away in 2004.