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Annie D. Wilson Scholarship in Nursing

The following biography was written at the time of this scholarship establishment; some information may not be up to date:

Annie C. Wilson was not a college graduate herself, but all nine of her children grew up with the expectation that they would be going to college some day, and they did. Five of her daughters attended UNC Greensboro (then called the North Carolina College for Women). She was a leader in the Craven County community of Dover, where she earned distinction by serving as mayor (1939-41) at a time when very few women held public office. She was also active in the Baptist church. But it is in memory of a more private, personal side of her mother that her daughter Ruth has created this scholarship in the UNCG School of Nursing. Ruth once recalled that her mother had had a black medical reference book, and that, since there was not a doctor in their community, townspeople would come to her when they had a health problem or a sick child. She welcomed them. Annie Wilson was “a caring person” who would have agreed with Ruth’s belief that “ninety percent of getting well is nursing care.”